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    Baked Goods & Confectionery Solutions

    • Business Case Orley Foods, South Africa

      At Orley, Schneider Electric demonstrated that integration of information technology at the business and production levels is helping the company deal with the mechanics of sustained profitability

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      Chocolate desserts, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods industry, facility management software.
    • Business Case Auto-Bakes, Australia

      Auto-Bake uses Wonderware™ Supervisory HMI software solution to provide baking systems that make mouths water

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      Chocolate ripple caramel dessert slice, food and beverage.
    • Business Case Arnott’s, Australia

      A custom-designed and engineered batching system helps optimise productions operations

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      You need to deliver your brand promise, manage high product variety and quality, while tracking accurate material genealogy.
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      Baked goods and confectionery solutions

      Efficient, sustainable and traceable operation.
      • Energy performance for baked goods and confectionery

        Improve the sustainability of your operation and reduce your energy bill by up to 30% Find Out More
      • Manufacturing efficiency for baked goods and confectionery

        Strive for zero waste while increasing flexibility on your plant floor. Find Out More
      • Smart power management for baked goods and confectionery

        Improve safety, availability and flexibility of your power during the whole plant life cycle. Find Out More
      • Optimized supply chain for baked goods and confectionery

        Give full visibility into your value chain, increase end-to-end throughput, and reduce logistic costs. Find Out More
      • Food safety compliance for baked goods and confectionery

        Help your food safety compliance and preserve your brand equity and shareholder value. Find Out More