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Do we have contactors with utilisation category Ac-8a & Ac-8b?

Generally speaking, Ac-8a is for Hermetic refrigerant compressor motor control with manual resetting of overload releases applications & AC-8b is same but for automatic resetting,
Ac-8 utilization category is defined by IEC60947-1.
IEC60947-4-1, in tables 7 and 10, also give the make and break conditions and test conditions for contactors depending on the utilization category.
In these tables we can see that Ac-8 is covered either by Ac-3 or Ac-4.
So the usual Tesys D- LC1D contactors range is suitable for use in Ac-8a/b.
Concerning the electrical durability, if Ac-8a, refer to the durability we publish in catalog for Ac-3, & for AC-8b, refer to durability in catalog for AC-4
Below you can find durability of AC-3 attached.
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