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Can we use G3200 as gateway from Modbus RTU to IEC61850 protocol for third party devices ?

Basically G3200 enables Modbus devices (RTU) to connect to an IEC 61850 network by translating the Modbus data into the IEC 61850 protocol. However it automatically ensures that the correct Modbus device type (only Powerlogic devices such as PM2, PM7, PM8, CM4, Micrologic trip units, ION meters, or TeSys T) is connected at the selected Modbus address.  For any other RTU devices (e.g. ATS softstarter), The G3200 does not perform any tests to verify that the connected device matches the expected type given in the CID file. For more information, please refer to the User Guide for building a CID file from an ICD file, page 48 of G3200 user manual. linked below:

A CID file is either built on a template called an ICD file, where you make adapted settings for your device, or you may create a CID file from scratch. Both possibilities are covered by the attached user manual for G3200. You have to keep the original ICD files safely and work on copies of them, when you need to play with CID files. For more information on a particular term, refer to the IEC 61850-1 and IEC 61850-10 standards. Glossary: CID = "Configured IED Description" ICD = "IED Configuration Description" IED = "Intelligent Electronic Device" My recommendations: - CET850 software, you may freely download it (and register it for free after) from - do not download large CID files into your G3200 gateway: limitation seem sto be 6 LDs (Modbus Slaves/Devices) configured inside the CID - be sure that firmware version is minimum 1.41 to be able to restore the G3200 to a previous stable state in case of failure because of invalid CID file download 
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