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Do we have marine certificates for C120 and iID?
There is no marine certificate for C120 series and RCDs.  Our circuit breaker certified for marine application is iC60.
What are the different led status of 140NOP85000 indicates?
LED Description: These LEDs are on the front of the 140 NOP 850 00 module:    LED Display Panel Indicators: Use the LEDs in display panel to diagnose...
What is the firmware upgrade procedure of Quantum NOE module ?
Check the attached procedure for upgrading the firmware of NOE module.
How can I start counting on the high speed counter 140EHC10500 without using the validation input?
 In Concept 2.11, to start counting without using the input corresponding to the channel being used, which is generally used as a validation input,...
What are the different led status of BMENOS0300 indicates?
A 4-LED display is located on the front panel of the module:  ​ The BMENOS0300 panel LEDs indicate the following states:  
What are the different led indications of BMENOP0300 module?
These are the led indications of the front panel of BMENOP0300 module.
How to Change your Password via a WebX Client in ClearSCADA?
Follow the steps of the attached document for changing your Password via a WebX Client in ClearSCADA.
How can I save the public variables of a DFB with PL7-PRO?
The public variables of a DFB can be modified by program or with animation tables. When reloading programs, these public variables return to the initialisation...
What is the consumption of a Modicon Micro PLC on 24 VDC?
 Expect 1.25 A max. in transient state, and 0.8 A at maximum continuous current, on 24 VDC. These characteristics apply to all 24 VDC models in the...
How to compress database in ClearSCADA?
For compressing the database in ClearSCADA, Please follow the steps as per the attached document.
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