HVX Assembled Pole

Indoor MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 24 kV

For Schneider medium voltage switchgear and for panel builders.An experienced circuit for many applications

HVX Assembled Pole
  • Features

    HVX assembled pole is a range of vacuum circuit breakers  designed for SE switchgear PIX, PIX-H and for panel-builders.
    It enables the Panel Builder to design switchgear solutions with fixed type or withdrawable type of circuit breaker with enhanced safety features, full control from a separate room and with the following technical characteristics:

    • Rated voltage 12kV-17.5 kV-24 kV
    • Rated short circuit breaking current 25 kA-31.5 kA-40kA-50 kA
    • Rated short circuit duration 3s
    • Rated normal current 630 A-1250A-1600 A-2500 A-3150 A-4000 A *-5000A* (*forced  cooling in PIX-H)


    The experienced breaker for many applications

    • Used in SE switchgear worldwide and qualified in many panel builder‘s switchgear; special approvals such as nuclear, marine, power generation
    • Safety by enhancing switchgear features through robust interlocking, remote racking options and reliable vacuum interrupters, operating mechanism and racking trolley
    • Reliability with fully type tested equipment


    • Oil & gas
    • Metal & mines
    • Chemical industry

    • Distribution substation
    • Power generation
    • Nuclear power