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    The world’s most SUSTAINABLE office

    Building a SUSTAINABLE office that generates more energy than it consumes is a bold idea. Deloitte uses IoT connectivity to ensure comfort and energy efficiency with Schneider EcoStruxure™ Building.

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EcoStruxure™ Building

From design, through integration to commissioning, EcoStruxure™ Building brings best-in-class engineering efficiency to your building. Combined with our asset and energy performance services, we enable lifetime efficiency of your building ensuring productivity and comfort for occupants.
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  • Digitized power distribution for the digital world

    In today’s digital world, power distribution in buildings is undergoing a fundamental and irreversible change.

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  • Smart Building Strategy New Verdantix Report

    The new report by Verdantix positions EcoStruxure™ as the backbone of a smart building strategy that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to pave the way to improved building experiences with reduced costs and increased efficiency.

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  • Top 5 IoT Predictions from Sensors to Business Sense

    Get valuable insight from business experts worldwide. Access this exclusive report to see how the future of IoT will impact your business.

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      Building Systems The smart building is here. Discover the latest in building automation and management system innovation that make your buildings more energy efficient, sustainable, and occupant friendly. > Learn more
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      Hotels Innovative solutions to deliver lower costs and sustainable value to all aspects of hotel operations, from boardrooms to guest rooms and everything in between, with innovation at every level. Discover how
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      Healthcare From emergency room to executive office, ensure safety, reliability and comfort, and improve your hospital’s financial health. Do more with innovation at every level. Learn more
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      Life Sciences Pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech firms around the globe use EcoStruxure Building to comply with regulations, reduce costs, and operate sustainably. Learn more
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      Banking & Finance Banking and financial institutions worldwide leverage EcoStruxure Building to achieve sustainable growth, manage operational risk, and succeed in their digital transformation. Learn more
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      IoT for Buildings Innovative solutions to make an environment that ensures occupants feel comfortable, safe, and connected. > Discover how

    Defend Against Cyber Threats to Building Management Systems

    With the threat of cyber attacks looming large, more attention must be paid to the integrity of building management systems (BMS). This white paper describes the threats that exist and recommends approaches for deploying a "Defence in Depth" methodology specific to BMS.
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    Keeping up with the Evolution of Smart Buildings

    Advances in technology and the proliferation of connected devices and sensors are driving a new era of smart buildings and their management.
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