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    Investing in IoT education

    We have partnered with ESCP Europe to create the IoT Chair, making sure tomorrow's leaders understand the changing business landscape in the IoT age.

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EcoStruxure™ Platform

The digital backbone connecting best-in-class OT solutions with the latest in IT technology to unlock trapped value in your operations and tap into the true potential of the Internet of Things.
  • Understanding the EcoStruxure Platform

    The backbone of IoT-enabled applications. Transform your connected business through our foundational technology platform.

  • Unlocking the value of The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    Cyril Perducat joins a fireside chat at Hardwired to discuss IIoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the value EcoStruxure brings to our customers.

  • Enabling Cloud-Connected Digital Services

    Learn more about how Schneider Electric leverages our EcoStruxure Platform to unlock trapped value for our customers.

  • Leveraging the IoT Ecosystem

    Our open standards-based approach is reinforced through our collaboration with industry standards bodies such as the Industrial Internet Consortium, IEEE, and the Open Interconnect Consortium, and through technology partnership with industry leaders such as Microsoft, PTC, ARM, Dell, Cisco, Intel, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, SIGFOX, Salesforce, Kinvey, and IBM.

    Discover EcoStruxure

    A single IoT system that lets you compete in today's digital world. EcoStruxure is a game changer. Discover enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for your business today.
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