• Power substation, electric power distribution, power management.
    Switchgear, transformers, and protective relays for the safest and most reliable medium voltage networks.

    Medium Voltage Distribution

    Switchgear, transformers, and protective relays for the safest and most reliable medium voltage networks

    • Case Studies Gas-insulated Switchgear and Automation Solutions for Renewables

      Schneider Electric provides gas-insulated switchgear, relay protection and control panels, and a substation automation solution to EDF EN Canada, a subsidiary of Energies Nouvelles Company. In this 80 MW installation, Schneider Electric was able to implement several solutions to conserve land and energy, reduce costs, and improve reliability over the long-term.

      Gas-insulated Switchgear and Automation Products
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      With today's continuously rising demand for energy, balancing reliability, cost, and space constraints can be a difficult task. Schneider Electric's substation and feeder automation solutions, coupled with compact and reliable distribution equipment can ensure that all your network's demands are met.
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      Medium Voltage Solutions

      We deliver compact, robust, and timeless solutions that maximize the reliability and safety of your systems.
      • Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

        Medium voltage circuit breakers provide fast, reliable, and long lasting switching and protection for the most demanding applications. Utilize withdrawable or fixed-mounted breakers for a variety of configurations and ratings. Find Out More
      • Transformers

        Get what your business needs: cast resin, medium power, oil distribution and special transformers. Find out more
      • Medium Voltage Station Breakers

        Outdoor and dead tank style substation breakers provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for substations. Arc-resistant construction, high-speed operation, and proven vacuum circuit technology are a few of the quality design features. Find Out More
      • Motorpact Medium Voltage Motor Controllers

        Medium voltage motor controllers provide the most efficient means to control and protect a wide range of applications. They can be configured for motor starting, transformer feeders, capacitor feeders, or future spaces. A compact footprint allows for easy retrofitting. Find Out More
      • Medium Voltage Switchgear

        Medium voltage air-insulated switchgear is used in a variety of switching, control, and protective application. Protect transformers, motors, generators, distribution lines, and feeder circuits. Compact footprint and arc resistant options provide safer access to workers. Inherent arc-resistance and small footprint and high voltages make gas-insulated switchgear an ideal solution for networks up to 38kV. Modular switchgear with front access allow gear to be quickly installed against a wall without the need to handle insulating gas. Find Out More
      • Medium Voltage Reclosers & Sectionalizers

        Help protect your network against fault scenarios by using our state-of-the-art reclosers and sectionalizers. Paired with Schneider Electric's controllers, these can be used as a crucial element in feeder automation schemes. Find Out More
      • E-Houses

        Need an outdoor solution? Schneider Electric can provide a complete E-House in virtually any size, layout, or configuration. All equipment is installed and wired as required, with the interior of the enclosure environmentally controlled as required. Find Out More
      • Protection relays

        Discover intelligent electronic devices for complete protection of electrical networks. Find out more

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Smart city icon Reliable, Robust, and Timeless Solutions Schneider Electric's Medium Voltage Distribution & Energy Automation Equipment provide a reliable and robust solution to fit your needs.
      • Default Alternative Text Connectible Products for Smarter Solutions Connect, monitor, and control your network using Schneider Electric Distribution and Automation equipment. Increase reliability of equipment, and reduce costs of ownership by making your network smarter.


      • Default Alternative Text Increase distribution network reliability through proven design.
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      • Blue tested validated icon Reduce downtime through advanced and comprehensive protection.
      • Blue helmet icon Provide worker safety through passive and active solutions.
      • Blue finance icon Complete product offering to meet your budget constraints.
      • Blue tools icon Custom engineered solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.