• Factory workers in bottling plant, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system.

    Beverage & Brewing Solutions

    • Business case Energy performance: New Belgium Brewing, USA

      Find out how the brewery reduced downtime by 50%, and saved $400,000 per year with Wonderware MES.

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    • Business case Energy performance: Pepsi Bottling Ventures, USA

      With its new Wonderware™ automation software, the company has taken the guesswork out of measuring performance, downtime and overall equipment effectiveness

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    • Business case Manufacturing efficiency:
      Mackmyra Whiskey, Sweden

      Discover how this distillery gained 50% energy savings over traditional manufacturers.

    • Business case Energy performance:
      Coca-Cola, Italy

      Learn how our EnergySTEP (the Energy Sustainability Tiered Efficiency Program) helped Coca-Cola save energy throughout its Italian plants.

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      High production volume is a common characteristic of beverage businesses. In this highly consolidated industry, responding to shifting consumer tastes, maintaining operational efficiency, and minimizing waste are critical.
      Factory workers in bottling plant

      Beverage and brewing solutions

      Efficient, sustainable and traceable operation.
      • Energy performance for beverage and brewing

        Improve the sustainability of your operation and reduce your energy bill by up to 30% Find Out More
      • Manufacturing efficiency for beverage and brewing

        Strive for zero waste while increasing the flexibility on your plant floor. Find Out More
      • Smart power management for beverage and brewing

        Improve safety, availability and flexibility of your power during the whole plant life cycle. Find Out More
      • Optimized supply chain for beverage and brewing

        Give full visibility into your value chain, increase end-to-end throughput and reduce logistics costs. Find Out More
      • Food safety compliance for beverage and brewing

        Help your food safety compliance and preserve your brand equity and shareholder value. Find Out More