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    Other Food Product Solutions

    • Business case Campbell Soup Company

      Wonderware™ technology helps Campbell collect key data on quality attributes and line processing in order to continuously improve action plans and overall efficiency.

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    • Business case CabinPlant, Denmark

      Manufacturing efficiency: New, modular technology helps bolster fish processing industry yields.

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      Cabinplant, Weighing/packing solutions for the food industry, machine control, facility management software.
    • Business case Royal Greenland, Denmark

      Energy performance: Intelligent monitoring aims to save millions at one of the world’s largest seafood producers.

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      Royal Greenland Ship, Denmark company, fishery and processing, food and beverage.
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      Whatever your final product, as a food and beverage manufacturer you must find solutions to maintain product safety, manage and maximize assets, benchmark production data and optimize energy consumption.
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      Other Food Product Solutions

      Increase production yield, efficiency and safety.
      • Energy Performance for Other Food Products

        Improve sustainability of your operation and reduce energy cost per product by up to 30%. Find Out More
      • Manufacturing Efficiency for Other Food Products

        Strive for zero waste while increasing the flexibility on your plant floor. Find Out More
      • Smart Power Management for Other Food Products

        Improve safety, availability and flexibility of your power during the whole plant life cycle. Find Out More
      • Optimized Supply Chain for Other Food Products

        Give full visibility into your value chain, increase end-to-end throughput and reduce logistic costs. Find Out More
      • Food Safety Compliance for Other Food Products

        Help your food safety compliance and preserve your brand equity and shareholder value. Find Out More